Awake, Arise, Act- Andrew Cannon

August 14, 2018
What is life like in response to Christ's lordship? What is our response?

Is God Really Merciful?- Andrew Cannon

August 6, 2018

Christ is Lord, but is He really merciful? What is the extent of His mercy? What is my response?


The Kenosis of Christ- James Knapp

July 31, 2018

Christ emptied Himself that we might be glorified with Him.


Has God Failed?- Andrew Cannon

July 16, 2018

Jesus died to deliver from sin, yet there is still sin. The promise was given to the Jews, yet the Jews rejected the promise. God desires that all come to repentance, yet most never do. Has God failed? What does this reveal about God's providence in our lives?


Am I a Friend of God?- Andrew Cannon

June 25, 2018

What is friendship, really? What does this mean in a world where people are apathetic toward the church? Has the church forgotten what God's friendship actually means?


What is Salvation?- Andrew Cannon

June 18, 2018

What are we actually saved from? Why do people need to be saved? When will we see revival in America?

What is Faith, Really?- Andrew Cannon

June 4, 2018

How does the Bible actually define faith? How does this compare to the way faith has been thought about in religion today?


Why God Uses People- Andrew Cannon

May 28, 2018

What kind of people does God use and why? Oh, yes, and a little about women in the church.


God and Suffering

May 7, 2018

Why would a good God permit suffering in the world? What is the point?


Living in Bad Circumstances

April 30, 2018

Does God help us to live in a world full of negative circumstances?