Bad Religion- Andrew Cannon

October 23, 2018
When we look for signs to clarify or confirm a decision, we do so in a way that seems very spiritual to us. Because it seems spiritual, we justify our search for signs. We do the same thing regarding inner revelation. We make it seem really spiritual. When we seek healing or think we can do something to appease or get God on our side, we make that seem spiritual as well, and we make it part of our religion. If we look to the Scriptures, we see that it is nothing more than sin, sin that we have tried to justify and mask with religious language to make it seem okay.

God’s Work in Human Conflict- Andrew Cannon

October 16, 2018

If God is sovereign, why would He allow conflict? Why would He allow division in the organized church? Why would He allow unhealthy churches to exist? What about war? Why does God allow people to believe wrong things about Him? I thought God was supposed to be nice...


Experiencing Happy Part 3- Joy in Sorrow- Andrew Cannon

September 24, 2018
When our primary goal is the pursuit of happiness, do we inhibit our growth into mature and complete people? How does adversity work out in our lives for our good?

Experiencing Happy Part 2- You Are Enough- Andrew Cannon

September 10, 2018

It doesn't matter who stands against you or says you can't do it. You are enough. Prove them wrong. This might just be one of the greatest lies in our society. Are we really enough? Or, is this just another way we justify unhealthy pride and get comfortable in our unrighteous condition?


Experiencing Happy Part 1- Meekness- Andrew Cannon

September 2, 2018

Can we experience true, lasting, and genuine joy on this earth? We know how to escape and find momentary happiness. Can we experience it through the hardship, in our responsibilities, and in spite of life's many stresses?

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Source of True Hope- Andrew Cannon

August 28, 2018

Hope? Is there such a thing? In such a hopeless world, is there really a point in trying to have hope?


Inner Struggle, A Good Thing?- Andrew Cannon

August 20, 2018

We all have inner struggles. What if these inner struggles are good things? What does it mean for us to act from conviction or faith? Why do we often feel like we might be wrong and why are we often brought to question what we think to be true and right?


Awake, Arise, Act- Andrew Cannon

August 14, 2018
What is life like in response to Christ's lordship? What is our response?

The Kenosis of Christ- James Knapp

July 31, 2018

Christ emptied Himself that we might be glorified with Him.


Has God Failed?- Andrew Cannon

July 16, 2018

Jesus died to deliver from sin, yet there is still sin. The promise was given to the Jews, yet the Jews rejected the promise. God desires that all come to repentance, yet most never do. Has God failed? What does this reveal about God's providence in our lives?