Is Christian Morality Behind the Times?

March 6, 2018

It may be that homophobia really is worse than homosexuality.


Hypocrisy and Jesus

February 27, 2018

As soon as our goal is to appear to be spiritual, religious, perfect, or to be the best teachers who are closest to God, we have not only become hypocrites but have also become the very people who cause others to fall into hypocrisy.


The Christian Message, Condemnation or Peace?

February 20, 2018

As the world gets better at speaking hatefulness, it becomes more important for God's people to declare peace. Just what is the real content of a genuinely Christian message? Why are supposed Christians so dedicated to political and moral shaming like the rest of the world?


Servanthood Discipleship

February 13, 2018

When we teach, we must be as one who is younger. Yes, this is actually commanded in Scripture.


I Am Unable To Worship God

January 31, 2018

The faith belongs to God and he is holy. Why do we assume that we are actually capable of worship?


The Outcast and the Outsider

January 24, 2018

God saves the outsider and raises him up for His own glory. How does this truth inform the way we think about the unborn, the refugee, and the alien?


Individualism and Genuine Christian Faith

January 16, 2018

Is individualism compatible with genuine, deep, fruitful life?


The Bible as Authority?

December 31, 2017

As we think about New Year's resolutions, we ask by what authority the Christian lives and the church operates. Why do we need to talk about it? 


By Grace Alone; Genuine Church 3

December 16, 2017

Grace is not only the means by which the people of God are given a gift. Grace is the means by which God delivers the entirety of a person’s being from the clutches of Hell and transforms that person.


Is Christ Actually Important? Genuine Church Part 2

December 11, 2017

Continuing in Deuteronomy 29 with Andrew Paul Cannon.